Thyroid dimmdem mainlY two types — Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism. Hypothyroidism is a condition in which inadequate functioning of thyroid gland results in reduced levels of thyroxin secretion. Symptoms include weight pin, sluggishness of bodily function, slow pulse rate, hoarseness of voice, irritability, decreased immune fitnctioning with recurrent infections, constiparation etc. Hypenhyroidism is a condition characterized by overPmduction of too much thyroid bonnone resulting in over activ e metabolic rate. Symptoms include rapid head rate, palpitation, freqwnt bowel movements; swelling of thynid gland, excess fatigue, weight loss etc.
Panchakanna procedures available:
1. Yemen. YeModical emesis
2. Virechana MedicMed purgation
3. Nasyn — Instillation of nasal drops.
• Improves the Moctioning of thyroid gland.
• Normalizes the secretion of thyroid hormone.
• Corrects the metabolic activity.
• Maintains the equilibrium in hormonal secvetion.
• Increasm the functioning of itnmune system.
• Alleviates all the sYnPto. gradmllY.