Diabetes mellitus is a chronic metabolic disorder resulting in hyperglycemia(high blood sugar) and glycosuria (sugar in urine). Food we consume is generally broken cewn into simple sugar called glucose in our body. Glucose circuleies in the blood and enters the cells with the help of insulin. Ins. is a hormone produced from the beta cells of pancreas. Me to sedentary life style, Lack of physical activity, improper diet ced regimen etc. and genetic predisposition, Me beta cells are not capable enough to produce sufficient insulin or cee M incelin resistance, glucose circulatce in Me hbod wiceout gceing absorbed into the cells. Symptoms include increased frequency °Inane, constant feeling of thirst, increased appetite, sudden loss of weight, delayed wound healing, burning sensatcen in the palms and soles etc.
Panchakarma procedures available:
1. Udwartana — Massage using dry powder.
2. Takradbara — Pouring of medicated buttermilk over forehead.
3. Vamana — Periodical emesis.
4. virechana — Modicated Purgation.
5. Basti —Medicated enema.
• Improves the metabolism and increasce the glucose absorption in the cells.
• Reduces the insulin resistance and preve.s from developing further cotcelications.
• Maintains proper lceod glucose levels.
• Eliminates Me accumulzded Mxins in the body.
• Rejuvenates and activates the system