Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis ia an autoimmune disease which causes chronic innammatirm M the joints. Multiple joints and organs get affected in this disease, causing joint destruction and functional disability. Morning stiffness, tenderness, warmtl, swelling, pain in multiple major and minor joint, loff of appetite, sleep difficultie, nodules under the skin etc. are the symptoms seen in disease. Symptoms of this disease at the earlier stage appear subtle with mMor joint paM. stiffness alai fatigue, hut gradually worsen over a period of time if untreated.
Panchakarma procedures available:
1. Snebapana — Intake of medicated oil or ghee.
2. Vireehana —medicated purgation.
3. Vasti — medicated enema
4. flhanyamla dhara — pouring of fermented gruel
5. Naranga Kizhi – sudation using lemon.
Agra Karma Chikitsa:
Thermal cautery — Specially designed Pam surgical procedure for providing instant relief fiom paM and helps M quick recovery.
• Reduces inflammation all over the body.
• Increases the digestive power and metabohs.m.
• Eliminates the accumulated toxins from all the channels of the body.
• Reduces stiffness and pain by providing lubricafion to the joints.
• Increases the range of motion in the joint.
• Improves the immune system by activating immune cells.
• Provides relief from all the symptioms and comPlications gradually.