Lumbar Spondylosis

Lumbar Spondylosis is generally considered m Low pain among common people. OW it is basically a degenerative condition which affects the lower spine causing narrowing of the spate between Me vertebrae. Tbis leads to various symptonw starting from back pain, radiating pain, numbness, tingling sensation, unsteady gait and other neurological problems. This condition is usually caused in old age people (above 40 years), but witneSSed in manY adults (30-40 years) during recent dimes due to various occupational causes.
Panchakarma Protedures available:
I. Obanyamla dbara — Pouring specially fermented medicinal gruel over Me affected area.
2. Abbyanga —Complete body massage using medicated oils.
3. Swede. — Fomentation
4. Ela Kizhi — Sudation using herbal leaves.
5. Navarakield — Sudation using nevem rice.
6. Kati Vasti —Retention of medicated oil over the lower back.
‘7. Matra Vasti — Medicated enema.
Agni Karma Chikista :Thermal cautery —
Specially designed Para surgical procedure for providing instant relief from pain and helps in quick recovery.
Improvm Wood circulation in the lower back region
• Reduces inflammation and Pain
• Rejuvenated the disc, vntebra and joints.
• Strengthens back muscles, maintains normal curvature of the spine and bony issues.
• Reduces the stiffness and heaviness
• Alleviates the compression of nerves between discs and decreases radiating pain.