Guna Ayurveda​

Guna Ayurveda

  • Dr Nori G Pradeep with the intention of serving patients through Ayurveda established this organisation GUNA AYURVEDA in the year 1999. In the memory of his loving mother“Guna Sundari”,he named his clinic as “Guna”.
  • Since 1999, Dr Nori worked extremely hard to increase the awareness of Ayurveda among general public. He has set up a new clinic almost every second year, in different places of Hyderabad.
  • Guna Ayurveda started with a simple OPD clinic with Pharmacy. In his quest of knowledge and to provide best Ayurvedic services, Dr. Nori approached various gurus all over India and gained enormous knowledge. With sheer hard-work and passion throughout these 20 years, he has transformed Guna Ayurveda into a cutting edge, unique and popular Ayurvedic Health Centre with11 branches across Hyderabad, and 2 associate branches at Chennai and Surat respectively.
  • Guna Ayurveda has a well-equipped and sophisticatedpanchakarma facility in all its branches.Around 14 doctors provide their services at various branches of Guna Ayurveda.
  • Specialities in Guna Ayurveda includeNeurological, Ortho & Spine, Metabolic, Gyneac, Dermatology, GarbhaSanskar, Nutrition,
  • In addition to the out-patient facility and panchakarma treatments, GUNA AYURVEDA & PANCHAKARMA CENTRE, ManikondaprovidesIn-Patient facility under the supervision of specialist doctors.
  • Each Panchakarma treatment at Guna Ayurveda is handled by trained and experienced professional Panchakarma Therapists.
  • Guna Ayurveda has the pride of training many Ayurvedic Graduate and Post-graduate students under the guidance of Dr. Nori G Pradeep who always wishes to spread the knowledge he gained.
  • Not just providing health care, Guna Ayurveda has a separate medicine manufacturing unit with 36 proprietary multi-speciality medicines for Neurology, Orthopaedic, Dermatology, Metabolic Disorders etc,.
  • Guna Ayurveda also has aHerbal cosmetic division manufacturing in association with Navya Naturals.
  • Guna Ayurveda is establishingits 13thbranch “Guna Ayurveda Multi-speciality Hospital and Research Centre” at
  • Guna Ayurveda is associated with G1 and DhanushInfotech to build Ayurvedic Softwares.
  • Guna Ayurveda organises several CSR activitiesproviding free medicines for low-income sections of population, at different places every year.
  • With the vision of spreading the benefits of Ayurveda across the globe, Guna Ayurveda aims to become a world class Ayurvedic institution empowering everyone to lead a Healthy Life….Naturally.

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