Guna Ayurveda & panchakarma center

Providing multi-specialize Ayurveda and Panchakarma treatments by specialist doctors.

About Guna Ayurveda

✯ Dr Nori G Pradeep with the intention of serving patients through Ayurveda established this organisation GUNA AYURVEDA in the year 1999. In the memory of his loving mother“Guna Sundari”,he named his clinic as “Guna”.
Since 1999, Dr Nori worked extremely hard to increase the awareness of Ayurveda among general public. He has set up a new clinic almost every second year, in different places of Hyderabad.
Guna Ayurveda started with a simple OPD clinic with Pharmacy. In his quest of knowledge and to provide best Ayurvedic services, Dr. Nori approached various gurus all over India and gained enormous knowledge. With sheer hard-work and passion throughout these 20 years, 

Guna Ayurveda Treatments

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the oldest & holistic system of medicine with its historical roots from india. Ayurveda mainly focuses on promotion of of health and prevention of diseases. Ayurveda with it’s time tested concepts and formulations ensure the cure of the diseases from its root cause without causing any adverse effects to the body.


Intuitive YogaStrengthen Your Nerves

❆ Headache /Migraine/ Trigeminal neuralgia
❆ Stroke rehabilitation
❆ Facial palsy
❆ Motor neuron disease