Bell's Palsy

Bell’s Palsy also lmown as Facial Palsy results from the dysfunction of Facial nerve (7. Cranial Nerve) leads to various symptoms like inability to control facial muscles on the affected side, nimble to close the eyelids, difficulty in holding water in the mouth, difficulty in eating and drinking, numbness, ear pain, deviation in the angle of the mouth, dribbling of saliva We.
Panchakanna Procedures available:
I. Kukkotanda Nimba Swede — Sudation using egg yolk and lemon
2. Abbyanga —Facial Massage
3. Nasyam —Installation of medicated nasal drops
4. Barna Pooranam —Installation of medicated oil into ear.
5. Shirovasti – Retention ofmedicaNd oil on the head.
• Relieves stiffiless of facial muscles.
• Helps in stimulation and activfiion of facial nerve.
• Improves the strength of facial muscles.
• Fastens the recovery process by reducing tbe complications.