Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical Spondylosis is age related condition that affects the joints and discs U3 your oak region. It mainly develops from the wear and tear of cartilage and bones, resulting in narrowing of Me space and compression of nerve roots that origMate from Me spinal cord and pass through the rest of the body. Symptoms of cervical Spondylmis include severe pain, stiffness, tingling sensed°, numbness in arms, hands, difficulty in bending etc.
Panchakarma procedures available:
I. Pizhichil— Massage.
2. Parta pinda swede — Sudation using herbal leaves.
3. Shastila shag pinda swede — Sudetion using navare rice.
4. Nasya -Instillation of nasal drops.
5. Greeva mad —Retention of medicated oil over the neck.
6. ShirovaMi — Retention of medicated oil on the bead.
Agni Karma ChIldtea: Thermal cautery—Specially designed Para surgical procedure for providing instant relief Mom pain and helps M quick recovery.
• Provides lubrication in between cartilage and bones.
• Reduces pain, inflammation and stiffness.
• Relieves the nerve compression.
• Pnomotes proper blood circulation.
• Improvm the flexibility in the joints.