OsteoartMitis is the mom common form of degenerative joim disease affecting millions of people around the world. This form of arthritis is caused due w the wear down of protective cartilage on the ends of the hon. over time. Osteoarthritis can occur in any joint, hut usually affects knees, hips, hands or wine causing pain, swelling, tenderness, Wanes, loss of motion and floxibility of the joint.
Panclarno Procedures available:
1. Sarvanga dhara — Pouring of medicated liquids or oils.
2. Sochapana —Internal adnOnistration of medicated ghee or oils.
3. Swerlana — Fomentation or sudation
4. Virechene — Medicated purgation
5. Janu vesti 11(411 vast — Retention of meditated oil over affected area.
6. Anuvessne vesli / Metre vaell — Medicated enema.
Agni Kerma Chikista Thermal cautery — Specially deAgned Para surgical procedur• for providing Imam relief Rom pain end helps in quick recovery
• 54duces pain and swelling.
• Provides lubrication to the joints.
• Removes the blockage of subtle channels.
• Provides strength and improves blood cerculation to the muscles and nervours around affected area.
• Reduces stiffness sod Unproves the flexibility of jont.