Asthama is a chronic inflammatory disease characterized by the narrowing of ainvay channels. Phis disease gets triggered up when exposed to cold climate or cold air, allergens in the air, viral infections, heavy exercise, during early morning and night times. Patients of Asthma suffer from various symptoms like Cough, Oreathlasness, Shortness of breath, chest pain, wheezing and tightness while breathing.
Panchakarma Procedures available:
I. Snehana: Intake of Medicated oil or ghee.
2. Swedana: Complete body fomentation
3. Vamana. Periodical Emesis
4.Vireechana: Medicated Purgation.

Collects accumulated toxins from the sutable channels of the entire body and eliminate it.
• Eliminates the excessive accumulated mucus.
• Clear the channel passages.
• Removes the constriction and narrowing of the airways.
• It improves lung capacity.
• Facilitates easy breathing.