Frozen Shoulder

It is a condition in which shoulder joint gets affected resulting in immobilization of the joint. The capsule around the joint gets stiffened, stretched and a scar tissue is formed, by which.e movements become difficult. The symptoms sem in the frozen shoulder are pain, weakness, loss of movemem, grinding qe.n.tim during movement, numbness, tingling sensation of hands and fingers,range of motion will be reduced.
Penelsakarms Praedures available:
1. Nasya — nsn enonof nasal drops.
2. Naranga Idzhi — Sudadon using lime pieces.
3. Petra pinda Sweda- sudation using herbal leaves.
4.Kangadhara—Pouring of medimted oil over a affected part.
5. Abhyanga —Massage over the affected part .
• Reduces stiffness in the joint.
• Reduces Pain and inflamation in the affected part.
• Improves the blood circulation.
• Restores the flexibility and range of motion.