Allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis also knovm as bay fever is a group of symptoms affecting die nose. Allergic rhinitis develops when the body’s Mune system becomes more sensitized and over reacts to certain specific allergens present in the environment that typically cause no problems in most people. Specific allergens include dust, smoke, pollens fforn grass. trees and weed, pet eigarene smoke. p.m, die. exhauct etc. Common symvoms oce stwezing. nmnY nose, itchy nose, conghkg, watery eyes, Pequent headaches, eczema fatigue etc.
Panchakarma procedures avallable:
1. Snehapana — Oleation.
2. Swedana — Fomentation/Sudation
3. Vamana — Periodical emesis.
4. Virechana — Medicated purgation.
5. Basayana — Preventive medication therapy.
• Collects tbe acumulated toxins Pores and eliminates them.
• Detoxifies the entire system.
• Provides relief from alit be symptoms.
• Activates the immune cells by strengthening the immtme system.
• Helps in prevention and reoccurrence of Me disease.